We believe that learning is a form of love, both toward God and others. Check out the recommended resources for videos and books to help you grow as a believer, a parent, a spouse, and a friend.

Below are a list of websites that may help you know God and His Word, grow as a Christian, and serve your community.

The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition website contains theologically rich and practical articles and videos to study the scriptures, discern the culture, and love your neighbor.

The New City Catechism

The New City Catechism contains 52 questions and answers to help you learn God’s truth. Each question/answer has an accompanying scripture passage, commentary, prayer, and children’s song.

The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors website has God-centered articles for discipleship and counseling needs. There are also links to find a counselor in your area.