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September 30 (Preschool Play)

October 7 (Kinder Play)

October 14 (Preschool Play)

October 21 (Kinder Play)

October 28 (Preschool Play)

November 4 (Kinder Play)

November 11 (Preschool Play)


Thursday Mornings (bi-weekly)
10:00 - 11:00am

Infants - Age 5 with a guardian

We believe play opens a child's mind, allowing us to sneak in seeds of truth; God loves you, God made you, God sent Jesus to die for you, and God's Word is true. At Preschool Play we connect playtime with Jesus and anchor our preschoolers to the truth found in God's Word. Each month discover a new theme to explore, simple ways to connect with your preschooler, storytime, and lots and lots of playing. We meet twice a month on Thursdays through the duration of the school year. Your preschooler wasn't made to sit; they were made to play! So let's play together!


Kinder Play

Thursday Mornings (bi-weekly)
10:00 - 11:00am

Kindergarten children with a guardian (and little brothers & sisters)

Your kindergartener is still made to play. So let's continue to connect playtime to God's Word. Each month we will sing, dance, move, play, explore and socialize while continuing to build a foundation of faith with your child. Not only will we remind them that Jesus made them, Jesus loves them, God sent Jesus to die for them, they will learn that God has a plan for them. God's plan for them starts now! Kinder Play will give you practical tools, activities, and ideas to help point them to Jesus! In addition, it's a great excuse to get off the screen for a short break, see some friends, and have a lot of fun!


What about Elementary??

Do you have older kiddos at home during the school day? To help provide a space that is preschool and toddler friendly, we will have an alternative activity for siblings older than kindergarten. Elementary age siblings will be engaged in a science experiment, object lesson or other hands on activities in a classroom near the gym. If your older children would prefer to bring homework, school assignments or a book to read instead, that is welcome as well. We appreciate your help in keeping the gym a space designed for only preschoolers and younger.

You are encouraged to check out Primetime, Band of Bros, Girls of Grace...we have tons of events and activities for kids of all age. Click for MORE INFO


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