The Senior Ministry at Judson Church is very active. We regularly gather together for fellowship, Bible studies, and other activities. Having your knowledge and experience gives you the ability to guide and nurture others. Through God, you have been blessed with abilities for His glory. As part of this ministry, older adults are assisted with identifying their spiritual calling, equipped, and supported in their spiritual growth.

JOY Senior Ministries

At Judson, we believe that growth doesn’t stop with age. JOY (Just Older Youth) is an opportunity for seniors ages 55+ to come together and enjoy fellowship while learning more about God through Bible study, prayer and worship. We also have a monthly lunch group where we share our lives and learn from each other. There are no prerequisites or requirements for joining JOY; anyone can join. Everyone is welcome!

Our senior ministry, JOY (Just Older Youth), meets twice a month on Wednesday mornings at 10:15 am in the TEAL room.

For more information about JOY, please contact the office at 1-815-725-6835.

Enjoy Being Connected

We believe that being connected is an important part of life. It’s not just about making friends with others; it’s about connecting with God through prayer, worship, Bible study, and fellowship.

Enrich Your Life

Our goal is to enrich your life by providing opportunities to grow spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally, and financially.

Games And Social Events

The best way to meet new people is at one of our social gatherings. Our events and luncheons are always fun.

To learn more about how we serve seniors, please contact us today.


Serving Seniors At Judson Church

With a heart for service and a commitment to finishing well, we are a ministry to and for seniors. We as seniors are obligated to more intentionally live out the vision and mission of Judson Church. God wants us to declare his power to the next generations by loving, honoring, accepting, and serving each other.

Judson Church ministers to seniors in more ways than one. As a church, we are committed to providing spiritual and practical support to senior adults within our midst through prayer, fellowship, and outreach opportunities. Our community is also offered opportunities to serve and encourage, providing Senior Adults an environment where they can grow in their walk with God.

Visitation to senior adults is only one part of ministering to them at Judson Church.  In addition to serving and encouraging our community, we create an environment that allows Senior Adults to grow in their faith and serve others as well.

Still Have Questions?

Here are some additional questions we get asked frequently about our JOY Senior Ministries.

In order to encourage spiritual growth and health among a large number of our congregation members who are 55 and older, we also encourage them to engage in educational pursuits, evangelistic outreach, and fellowship events that are wholesome. We want people to be interested in areas that interest them so that we can promote strong focal points.

An older adult ministry is a ministry focused on reaching, interacting with, or employing older adults. Ideally, such a ministry helps identify a person’s unique calling in the church and equips and supports them for the kingdom of God. It is important to understand the unique role, strengths, needs, and challenges of older adults in a healthy ministry environment.

Having a healthy ministry to older adults is an important part of church life. It is imperative that we fulfill this ministry since we are seeking to follow the Lord’s commandment. Exodus. 20:12, Deuteronomy 5:16 instructs us to honor our parents, and Leviticus 19:32 instructs us to honor the gray head in our community. By honoring our parents of the faith, we join with mature lives that have experienced their covenantal God’s steadfast faithfulness and the wisdom that comes from living a life well-lived with him.

Even though there are frequent references to “old age,” Scripture does not define an older individual by any particular definition. In our present culture, it can be useful to consider older adults in terms of developmental and functional stages. Historically, gerontologists and social workers classified people into three categories based on their abilities, “young-old,” “middle-old,” and “oldest-old.” Although these categories were previously classified by age brackets, they are now categorized based on abilities.

  • A young-old adult is someone who has retired from regular employment and lives independently.
  • A middle-old adult is someone who has retired from a regular job but is still dependent on others for assistance.
  • In the case of oldest-old adults, they are those who have retired from regular employment and have evolved such physical or mental disabilities that they require complete assistance.

By identifying these categories, individuals can identify how they can serve and where they may need assistance.