Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered program with foundations firmly established in Biblical truth. Celebrate Recovery aims to find freedom from our hurts, habits, and hang-ups through God’s healing power in our lives. Through this experience we grow in relationship with our loving and forgiving Lord, Jesus Christ.

Judson Celebrate Recovery Program

Do you have a hurt, habit, or hang-up that either gets you into trouble or hinders your life in some way?

We all do. The truth is, you may not even know what it is yet. Celebrate Recovery helps identify what those things are, gives us tools, and surrounds us with a community to help us live in freedom. It is a Christ-centered 12-step program for those who are ready to embark on a journey of lasting change.

What Is Celebrate Recovery?

Founded in 1991 by John Baker, Celebrate Recovery is a 12-step program. The first versions were developed in ten countries, including Australia, Canada, England, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, and Wales.

The Celebrate Recovery program is not connected to Alcoholics Anonymous or any other Twelve Step program. This is a fellowship that invites people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Despite being a non-religious organization, we are guided by the teachings of Jesus.

The primary purpose of our ministry is to declare God’s power to heal through the healing power of His Son. Having a closer relationship with Him allows us to live a healthy, happy, and productive life.

What Can I expect?


There is a meal at 6:00 pm for all who want to take part. This is where we start to build healthy relationships.

Large Group

The large group meeting begins at 7pm. Together we worship God, receive teaching on the 12 steps and their Biblical comparisons, go over the 8 Principles based on the Beatitudes and hear testimonies from those who have walked the road of recovery. Celebrate Recovery is a continuous ministry, which means you can join at any time.

Open Share Groups

We gather in gender-based groups. Open Share groups provide an opportunity to share our experience, strength, and hope from our own recovery journey.

How Does Celebrate Recovery Work?

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered approach to spiritual growth. We don’t just talk about Jesus, we live out what He taught us. In fact, we’re so committed to following Him that we’ve created a way for anyone to experience this same freedom:

  • You can walk into Judson Church and start attending meetings.
  • We have no membership requirements. Anyone who wants to attend is welcome!
  • We meet every Monday at Judson Church in Joliet, IL.
  • There are no dues or fees.
  • No one will judge you or tell you how to live your life.
  • Everyone is welcomed regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, economic situation, religion, physical ability, or anything else that separates us.
celebrate recovery

At Judson Church, we want to be part of your journey back to health. We understand that your past experiences may have been painful and difficult. If you would like more information about our ministry, please contact us today.

Do You Have Habits, Hurts, or Hangups?

Celebrate Recovery is the perfect place to find a safe place to speak freely about your problems. Your surroundings will consist of people who know what you’re going through. You will learn better choices to make and how to modify your behavior. There will also be people who are willing to help you.

We provide a comprehensive 12-step program to help a wide range of issues. As a biblically balanced method, it is effective for helping people overcome hurts, habits, and hang-ups.

Celebrate Recovery can help. We encourage you to commit to working the steps regularly, attending meetings, and finding an accountability partner and sponsor who can support your recovery. Taking part in the recovery program helps you to realize that you are in control. Through the program, you can learn from others who have become sober.

It is common for abuse victims to feel isolated, depressed, hopeless, and powerless. Anger, bitterness, and rebellion may be present, or they may have difficulty dealing with authority figures. An all-or-nothing attitude may also be present. By faith in Jesus Christ, they want to enjoy victory over the experiences they’ve been through.

Celebrate Recovery helps victims of abuse find healing. Our first step is to heal from the trauma inflicted upon us in the past. We must then heal from past traumas that may have negatively influenced us. At Celebrate Recovery, we provide support and guidance as we work toward healing. The process of healing is one that we all go through together, acknowledging our inability to repair the damage caused by the past. As a result, we understand the abusers are responsible for the abuse. Those abuses no longer justify the guilt or shame we feel.

It seems you’re searching for love in all the wrong places. There is a fear of rejection and loneliness in your heart. It has driven you to seek out that one special someone. Romance and sex have become synonymous with you. You are always seeking new relationships. Your romantic fantasies consume you. Prior activities lose their interest because of your behavior.

Using love and relationships as coping mechanisms can lead to unhealthy outcomes when we manipulate and control others. As a consequence, we increase our tolerance for risky behavior.

The Celebrate Recovery program can help. We invite you to work on the 12 steps. You will receive support and accountability from a sponsor to help you along the way. Take part in the recovery program and learn how to lean on those around you for support and advice.

The creation of addictions is a way for us to cope with painful experiences and wounds. These habits are a natural reaction to our environment and are essential to our survival. When we become sober over one addiction, we sometimes trade it for another one. In many cases, food becomes the drug of choice.

There are numerous forms of eating disorders, such as compulsive overeating, excessive food consumption, laxative abuse, and enemas. A person with an eating disorder may feel out of control over their bodies and may believe their bodies define them. Changing their body to conform to an ideal image may also provide them with happiness and peace. As a result, their relationships, jobs, health, and morals may be at stake.

Celebrate Recovery can assist. Our recovery program will help you work the 12 steps, attend meetings regularly, find accountability partners, and receive support from a sponsor. Throughout the recovery program, you will be faced with the fact that you are powerless to control your eating disorder. Gaining control over your food addiction is possible by learning from other people in the program.

You need help if you are addicted to sex. Pornography is addictive. You need to get rid of your sexual addictions. Sexually addicted people often try to escape from inner pain by having sex with strangers. Don’t do this! Find help if you’re sexually addicted.

Let Celebrate Recovery assist you. Efforts to overcome addiction can be made by attending meetings and finding accountability partners and sponsors. Consider attending one or two meetings before making a decision about this.

Compulsive gamblers are people who can’t stop gambling. They gamble without thinking about the consequences. They lose money and time. They often do things they regret later. Gamblers don’t care if they ruin their lives. They’re willing to risk everything for more fun. They feel powerless to change their behavior. Celebrate Recovery helps them learn how to take responsibility for their choices. They learn to trust God and other recovering addicts. They learn to be accountable to each other. They learn to work the steps. They learn to make changes in their lives. They learn to grow spiritually. Celebrate Recovery is an organization that helps people recover from addictions.